Lucy is a professional vocal coach currently based at Dance World Studios in Basildon, Essex - and teaches her sessions in a fully equipped recording studio.

She works with a wide variety of styles, specialising in Jazz/Blues, Pop, Musical Theatre & Disco and approaches her sessions with total commitment.

Her warm and open personality makes it easy for clients to feel relaxed ensuring they get the best out of their sessions and themselves.


Lucy has trained in various vocal techniques over the last ten years, and has extensive knowledge about the voice and how it works.

Some of the Techniques covered in Lucy's sessions are:

  • Understanding how the voice works
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Releasing vocal strain and tightness
  • Improve voice texture and quality
  • Vocal Dynamics
  • Improving your speaking voice
  • Understanding different registers
  • Building Confidence
  • Dealing with stage and audition nerves
  • Exploring different sounds with your voice
  • Song performance and establishing an emotional connection
  • The Pshycology of singing
  • Safe belting and twang excercises
  • Breathing using the Diaphragm & Re -coil
  • Excercises & session recordings to work on at home
  • Harmonies
  • Learning & recording songs
  • Gig Coaching
  • Recording Coaching
  • Audition Coaching
  • Mic techniques
  • Traditional and modern voice training methods
  • Letting go and having fun

Lucy prides herself on being able to bring the best out of each person and really focuses on understanding and getting to know each individual: this is the key to working on confidence - building with adults and children alike.

Having first hand experience performing in high pressure environments such as X Factor and prime - time TV shows, she is particularly skilled at helping clients prepare to perform in similar situations.

Lucy's client diary is always extremely full and she works on a weekly slot basis. Sessions are tailor made to suit the individual and available for any age.

Contact Lucy now to book your session - please note all enquiries are via EMAIL & answered daily.

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And she looks forward to helping you on your vocal journey!

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